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Official Opening of 3G Pitch by Football Legend

Date: April 26, 2024


We celebrated a monumental milestone yesterday as we inaugurated our brand-new 3G pitch, marking a significant advancement in the club's sporting facilities. The grand opening ceremony saw a star-studded lineup, including renowned football figures Harry Redknapp and Steve Fletcher, alongside Tyler Adams, opening the event.

The festivities kicked off with an air of excitement as Harry Redknapp, former Premier League manager, and local legend Steve Fletcher, a cherished figure in AFC Bournemouth history, joined forces to cut the ribbon, officially declaring the pitch open for action. Tyler Adams, the promising young footballer known for his exceptional skills, added to the occasion's allure with his infectious enthusiasm for the sport as they joined in with the children and watched their training sessions.

The celebratory atmosphere was further elevated by the delicious aroma of freshly baked cakes, courtesy of Burgate School's culinary talents, adding a sweet touch to the event. However, the highlight of the day was the sporting prowess showcase displayed on the pristine 3G pitch. Teams from Fordingbridge Turks, Fordingbridge Rugby Club, and Burgate School took to the field, demonstrating their skills in football, rugby, and various other sports. Spectators were treated to exhilarating matches, filled with moments of skill, teamwork, and friendly competition.

The presence of such esteemed guests and the vibrant display of sporting talent underscored our dedication to promoting physical activity, teamwork, and excellence in sports. The new 3G pitch promises to provide teams and the local community with a top-tier sporting facility, fostering a culture of athleticism and sportsmanship for years to come.

Speaking at the event, Burgate School's Headteacher expressed gratitude to all involved in making the 3G pitch a reality, emphasising its importance in enriching the children's sports program and enhancing the overall student experience. The sentiment was echoed by Harry Redknapp, who commended the school for its commitment to providing opportunities for young athletes to thrive.

As the inaugural matches concluded and the cheers of spectators filled the air, it was evident that our new 3G pitch would serve as a hub for sporting excellence, bringing together communities and inspiring the next generation of players to reach for the stars.

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